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As you can see, Torah Tidbits is now digital. The OU Israel Center started 27 years ago putting out a one page edition of what is now an 80 page weekly printed publication reaching 30,000 readers each week. 

To reach new frontiers, OU Israel has partnered up with Anglo Media. Anglo Media is taking care of the publication aspects, including layout, production and advertising for the printed and new digital editions. The weekly digital edition is now reaching 60,000 emails in addition to the over 500 communities throughout Israel receiving the printed edition. The Torah articles and writers which you read each Shabbat will continue to greet you in print and now digitally. Torah Tidbits has and will continue to serve as our Halachic and spiritual compass for every Shabbat and Chag. As we develop our new digital media, please feel free to share your feedback.

Yours truly,
Rabbi Avi Berman
Executive Director, OU Israel
[email protected]

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